Cybersecurity: 3 in 1- Beginners Guide+ Tips and tricks+ Advanced and Effective measures to secure your Cyber Networks (English Edition)

Many cram their book with redundant topics and superficial things without quoting examples from real life. A good book should be packed with different issues related to cyber security, the countermeasures that must be practical, and some real life examples, such as incidents that made the world news.This book is different from other books on cyber security because of the fact that it has been written in a coherent form and it contains the topics that must be included in the skillset of a cybersecurity expert. I did my level best to make this book a coherent whole so that nothing crucial to this topic remained out of bounds. Let’s take a look at an overview of what this book covers up. Even if you’ve tried various cybersecurity methods before, without success, you can learn all the tricks and tips you need with this easy to follow guide.Statistics indicate that cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent and complex every day, highlighting why you should protect yourself against them.However, one needs to understand cyber-attacks before you can be protected against an attack.Here’s a list of a few things you’ll discover as you read this guide:A look into cybersecurity and its historyDifferent types of cyber-attacks and their impactsMotives behind cyber-attacksDiscussion on cyber-crime and cyber-warfareCommon cybersecurity measuresCybersecurity tips for personal computersCybersecurity tips for mobile devicesCybersecurity tips for businessesCybersecurity tips for the Internet of Things…and much, much more!The third book provides information on how you can maintain cybersecurity, and what you must do to protect the systems and network. Throughout this book, you discover:What is cybersecurity, and why is it important?The history of cybersecurityAttack vectors and types of attacksSteps used by hackers to perform a hackTools you can use to protect the system during each phaseProcedures and methods you can use to test the vulnerabilities in the system and how to remove those vulnerabilitiesDefining the process How to prevent cybersecurity attacksHow to avoid making mistakesThis book will help you gather all the information you need to protect your organization’s systems and network. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let a hacker ruin all of your hard work! Grab a copy of this 3 books bundle now!

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Book Title: Cybersecurity: 3 in 1- Beginners Guide+ Tips and tricks+ Advanced and Effective measures to secure your Cyber Networks (English Edition)

Book Author: Elijah Lewis

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